Country Banker is setting a new standard for financial analysis software.  The system takes your bank to the next level with higher quality loan analysis, in-depth reports and an enhanced lending process.  Tools such as Credit Risk Ratings, Risk-based Pricing, Cash Flows, Pro forma Analysis, and Loan Presentations are included; all customization is based on your preferences.  Lenders use a quick and intuitive process to measure capacity of borrowers.  Data is entered once and easily replicated throughout the system to determine overall strength or weakness of each credit.  Country Banker accommodates analysis at multiple levels; beginning or basic through robust and deep.  You are not locked in the same approach. Each loan is unique; the way you review it should be too.

“We like all of Country Banker.  We have been happy with the support, ease of use, and report and schedule content. We value owning our own data and keeping it under our roof. The ability to export information is handy and the built in collateral analysis is a bonus."

Michael R. Hein, Liberty Trust & Savings Bank, Durant, IA

Ease of Use

Built by a Banker for Bankers

The foundation of Country Banker is banking, not software development.  We use common lending terminology and logical formats for entering and retrieving customer data from sources including tax returns.  The look and feel of Country Banker is familiar and intuitive. But this system is so much better; a powerful, but simple approach to loan analysis based on what we know works because we've been lenders for over 30 years.

Ratios, Shock Sensitivity, Trends

Bringing Meaning to the Numbers

The heart of analysis lies in comparison over time, against industry benchmarks and your own established parameters.  Country Banker incorporates automatic calculations for ratios, trends over time and measures of sensitivity to market or variable shocks.  We customize loan pricing into your system. 

Data Fusion

Minimal Data Entry, Maximum Control

You enter data ONCE and Country Banker replicates it throughout a borrower’s file, unless you want to make a change.  Custom entering of data is still possible at any point. The best of both worlds, the data populates automatically, but you maintain control to make changes as you need to.   Your data is also fully traceable; you can see the source and formula for every calculated number.

Consistency and Uniformity 

Robust Analysis of Uniform Data - The Foundation of Good Lending 

Across your entire portfolio, regardless of loan type, all loan officers will use the same tool in their decision making process, have the same capacity to analyze each loan and present their recommendations in the same format.  Discussion and decision making is stream-lined, but deeper.  

Global Analysis

See the Full Spectrum of Each Customer’s Position


Today’s borrowers are complex.  They often own multiple businesses, have various corporate entities and may have debt from multiple sources.  Country Banker’s built-in Global Analysis Feature allows you to quickly see the Borrower’s total position and review it from many angles.  Financial information from each entity is combined in one analysis file with one simple step.  Complete historical analysis of all merged entities provides instant access to repayment ability, liquidity and solvency; the key check points to determine viability of the credit. The full complement of historical analysis tools are available within the Global Analysis file. 

Loan Presentations and Credit Review Reporting

Communicating Information Everyone Understands Makes for Better Decisions


Creating a loan presentation or more than one that reflects your Bank’s process and culture is one of our many specialties.  Country Banker speaks your language – we understand your need to communicate the results of your analysis in various ways.  Dynamic reporting based on the premise “enter information once” produces presentations with an automated feature that is both flexible and efficient.