“Our bank has been using the Country Banker product for almost five years.  This product has added a deeper and more meaningful insight into the history and most likely future performance of our commercial and agricultural borrowers.  For us, Country Banker ensures consistent analysis throughout the loan portfolio and enhances the level of understanding we have of our larger credits from the loan desk to the Board room.  We believe this to be one of the best risk management decisions we've made.  We recommend Country Banker without reservation.”

 Mark Williamson – President, West Texas State Bank,  Snyder, TX

Analysis Options

  • Cash Basis or/and Cash-Adjusted Accrual Analysis
  • Clear tracking of accrual adjustments
  • Owner Equity validation assures accurate calculations

 Better Balance Sheets

  • Double-Columned Balance sheet
  • Schedules with detail important to regulators and auditors
  • Quick entry feature when detail is not needed
  • Trend Analysis with flexible time periods
  • Balance Sheet trends with comparative analysis showcasing percentage and actual dollar changes over time

Ratios Linked to Pricing and Grading

  • Ratio Analysis including standard ratio’s such as the “Sweet Sixteen – Plus” and key measures of sensitivity involving income, expense, interest rate and collateral analysis
  • Ratio “dash board” page unique to your Bank
  • Credit Quality Risk Rating System; An accurate gauge of current credit quality and the direction the credit is headed
  • Customized risk rating
  • Loan Grading – Based on the Credit Risk Rating
  • Risk-based Pricing – Driven by credit quality, price appropriately based on risk and be competitive on desirable credits.

Value Added Tools

  • Deferred Tax Tool - Asset values fluctuate as do regulations such as Section 179; monitoring the “Hidden Tax Liability” is critical; effective for conversations about estate and transition planning
  • Line of Credit Tracking Tool highlights the need for operating credit during the period and features an alert when operating credit exceeds the maximum
  • Collateral Analysis Tool available in individual Balance Sheet schedules 
  • Loan Presentation Tool allows lenders to move quickly from analysis to documentation

What if Scenarios

  • Annual, quarterly, or monthly cash flow projections; jump start the projection from several year’s average or last year. 
  • Sensitivity Testing within the Cash flow when shocking income, interest rates or expenses. Access to immediate pro forma ratio’s based on the projection.
  • Pro Forma Balance Sheet and Income Statement generation.
  • What-If Analysis – generate projected scenario’s in unlimited number. 
  • Variance Testing – the value of a cash flow projection is comparing it to actual results